Four Years Old

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This guy.

All boy, all tough-guy, all smoochy face, all the time.  Because he’s *four*, and because he’s just a cool dude all together, really.

Hates naps, loves treats, loves snuggles and silliness all the time.

Dinner-time Dance Party? Yes.

You wanna play dinosaurs? You wanna be ninjas? He’s game.

I got him to cooperate for approximately 4 minutes in my studio this past week to capture a bit of his newly minted four-year-old self.

Can I just point out he dressed himself for this special shoot – complete with suspenders?

This dude is so rad.

Four years old sweet boy in red train shirt naperville kids photographer

Because Suspenders

child photographer candid lifestyle studio naperville

Because Yelling

naperville studio photographer for kids little boy with suspenders

Because Sweet

tough guy four years old in red shirt and suspenders

Because Tough Guy


He’s got places to go and people to meet – he doesn’t have time to hang out in the studio and let me photograph him all day. Did you notice he’s got a locomotive on his shirt? That’s no accident, it’s a sign – he’s raring to go.

I bet you know some little people with some personality.

Want some cool photos of your own sweet little folks?

Let’s connect and set up a time for a special studio shoot.


Ciao for now,


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